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Tips For Selling Gear Online

Selling your gear online is an easy way to make extra money and extra space. Cool Spring Storage Center in Milton DE has drive up self storage and parking spaces, so while you clean up for spring we can keep your belongings safe. Some of our customers use storage while they sell online. A business can use storage as an extra space for inventory or merchandise that is online, homeowners find our storage helpful while they move. See how our Milton DE storage can make your storage needs simple.

An online shop can help you get rid of items you no long use or  promote something you made. With several different websites to post on, Cool Spring Storage Center has tips to help when posting your items online.

Sell Online Milton DE

Websites to Use

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. Etsy
  3. Offer Up
  4. Ebay
  5. Let Go

Tips To Selling Online

  1. Post photos that highlight your belongings. If selling furniture, use multiple pictures to highlight best attributes.
  2. Many sites rate both customers and sellers to give useful information, so stay positive and professional.
  3. Negotiate if you start the price higher then what you think a buyer would want.
  4. Take a photo to authenticate name brand products.
  5. Avoid selling anything related to alcohol since many of the sites will flag this and stop you from future posts.

Cool Spring Storage Center can help you store valuables and store your items going out for sale. With our storage space you can make your home or apartment organized before you sell the items you no longer use. Our office also accepts packages for tenants! Many business benefit from storing with us and you can too!

Talk with our store manager or rent online today!

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