We just added a bunch of brand new climate-controlled and drive-up storage units to our facility. Take advantage of our current specials and rent yours today!

drive-up storage units in Milton DE
drive-up storage units in Milton DE
Maximizing Your Space: Organizing Your Drive-Up Storage Unit Efficiently
September 22, 2023

Every inch counts when it comes to storage, especially when you’re paying for that space. Drive-up storage units, like those at Cool Spring Storage Center, have revolutionized the way we store, combining accessibility with security. Yet, it’s not just about having a space to stash your belongings; it’s about using that space effectively. With careful […]

Cool Spring Storage Center in Milton DE
Preparing Your Car for Long-Term Storage: A Step-by-Step Guide
July 25, 2023

So, you’ve decided to put your car into storage. Whether you’re traveling, protecting a classic, or simply not using your vehicle for the foreseeable future, ensuring that it is stored properly and securely is paramount. Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide to prep your car for its hibernation. Checklist to Prep Your Car for Long-Term Storage […]

how to get rid of clothes moths
How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Your Home
May 26, 2023

How can you get rid of clothes moths, and why do they end up in your space in the first place? Cool Spring Storage Center has been in the business for a while, and we know the clothes moths are as annoying for you as they can be damaging to your items. We can help […]