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Moving Checklist for Out of State Moves

Moving out of state or even across state? Moving presents a new list of challenges, where to move, who do I update my address with, or what do I need for the new house? Cool Spring Storage Center has a moving checklist that can answer your most common concerns about moving.

Here at Cool Spring Storage Center, you gear is safe while you travel the world or move to a new neighborhood. If your moving date fluctuates, as many do, reserve your Milton DE storage unit two weeks in advanced. Reserve online or talk with a representative today.

Now lets get you ready for your next move!

Address Changes: Who Needs to Know?

  1. The Post Office: start forwarding mail on moving day. You can schedule a time to start forwarding as soon as your date is set.
  2. Employer: If you are not moving because of work, your employer should be made aware of the change. This will be helpful for tax season.
  3. Kid’s School: Moving down the street or to another state, the kid’s school needs to know.
  4. Utility Companies: Each utility company has their own way of handling a move, but you should start to transfer information a week or two before moving.
  5. Loan Offices: Change your address with financial aid, and loan offices; this is most helpful for college students or parents with college students.

Out of state moves require an extra step, claiming residency. Most time frames range from 3 to 6 months, but you can check with your local government offices for a firm date. Find a complete list of places to verify your new address with here.

Replenish the Pantry

Food is a must when moving. Find a local pizza shop for motivation for your moving help and other local businesses on our neighborhood friends board. As for your pantry and cabinets, food may be sparse, so use this checklist to build up your pantry again.

Reserve your Milton DE storage unit now for an upcoming move. Cool Spring Storage Center is happy to answer your questions and assist in anyway possible.

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