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How Local Storage Can Help The Back To School Season

The back to school season has arrived yet again and that also means your busy schedule has returned as well. How can our local self storage in Milton DE be of great aid to you in preparing for the forthcoming school year? With having just a little extra space, all of your seasonal gear is safe and secure until it is needed next. Additionally, we have storage tips for your home that will get you and your children ready for a new year. Take a look at some ways how our local self storage units truly help with the back to school season.

Storing Your Outdoor Equipment

  1. When it is time to put the pedal bikes away for a few months remember these tips. (1) Clean the bike of all dirt and debris. (2) Lube the chain and cables. (3) Add air to the tires, preventing flat spots.
  2. After your last usage of sleeping bags and tents, allow time for those items to air out before storing them away.
  3. Organize all of your camping gear into clear storage bins. After, label the outside of the bin with the contents found within.
  4. Preparing your lawn care items before the winter sets in is highly important and here are some tips. (1) Fill the gas tank and add a fuel additive. (2) Inflate the tires. (3) Change the oil.
  5. Obtain one of our large storage units to store paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks. This will keep these items from being damaged due to severe weather.

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Arrangements For The House

The back to school season is filled with coordinating everyone in the family’s schedule, along with trying to plan out meals for the week. Get organized in a hurry with these beneficial tips.

  1. Post a morning and bedtime illustrated checklist for your young children. This will help them get into a daily routine.
  2. Create a homework station where your kids can concentrate on their school work. A pop down table or a tri-fold display board, are both great options.
  3. Place hooks on a wall within your home near an exiting door. Hang book bags and work bags on these hooks, eliminating clutter around your home.
  4. Establish a command center that everyone in your family can utilize. All of the following items can be placed there: wall calendar, weekly meal planner, younger children visual schedule, chore chart, dry erase board and paper tray for important documents.
  5. Plan out your weekly meals. Before the week starts, plan out each day of the week meals and even start preparing parts of that meal ahead of time.

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Cool Spring Storage Center is the local storage option for the back to school season. Our selection of indoor and outdoor storage units can be the solution to all of your seasonal gear storage needs. Despite the fact that a fun-filled summer is over until next year, move your valued seasonal possessions to local storage in Milton DE, with who you trust at Cool Spring Storage Center.

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