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Holiday Decoration Storage in Milton, DE

Looking for help storing your holiday decorations? It can be a daunting task to take on, but Cool Spring Storage Center as the resources and expert help you need to find holiday decoration storage and other self storage in Milton DE. Our storage facility between Georgetown and Rehoboth Beach provides convenient storage units for the Lewes corner of Delaware. Start renting with us, and pack up your decorations with these tips!

Holiday Decoration Storage 101

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

Get Storage for Artificial Christmas Trees

In order to not lose all its needles, your artificial tree should be packed into some sort of bag or box before storage. If you do not have the box that the tree came in, you can purchase a tree bag for easy moving and protection. This will help keep the limbs and their material in good shape as you move the box and pack around it. A bag can also keep out unwanted dirt and pests.

Pack Ornaments Gently

Many ornaments are made of easily breakable material. To keep them intact throughout their storage journey, wrap them individually and/or include bubble wrap or other padding in the box so they cannot move around and knock into each other. Try cutting up cardboard pieces to fit in between ornaments.

Keep Wrapping Supplies in Storage or Nearby

Your wrapping paper and gift bags can be easily packed away with the rest of your decorations. Or you can keep them handy by storing them under your bed or in your closet with other birthday and general wrapping supplies.

Self storage is the perfect solution for holiday decoration storage. Since you do not need them year-round, keep the decorations with us in storage to avoid extra clutter around your home. Then pay us a visit when your start your holiday countdown again.

Holiday Decoration Storage at Cool Spring Storage Center in Milton, DE

Ready to put away your decorations? Rent holiday decoration storage in Milton, DE, from Cool Spring Storage Center today! We made it easy to find and rent the space you need.

Our temperature-controlled storage units protect moisture-sensitive decorations from potential damage. Storing in attics and other places where temperatures fluctuate bring on risks of mold, rust, and misshaping. When you leave your belongings with us, you can have peace of mind knowing your items are secure and in the best possible care. In addition to our indoor storage units, we offer drive-up storage units that make storing easy and convenient.

Look through your storage options at Cool Spring Storage Center through our online storage rentals. You can browse our available storage units and compare pricing and features to find the best fit for your storage needs. Our experts are just a phone call or stop into the office away if you have any questions, or your can visit our self storage tips and storage calculator for immediate answers.


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