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7 Ideas for Organizing Your Garage

From hooks for your garden tools to adding a splash of color to brighten up your garage, Cool Spring Storage found a bunch of ideas for organizing your garage this spring season. Use these organizational hacks to maximize your storage space.

Garage Organization Ideas

  1. Garage organization starts with getting large tools out of the way. Mount pieces of PVC pipes to your shed wall and place all your long-handled tools in those spaces.
  2. Look for empty spaces in or around your garage that you can use to store big bins. Ceiling space and lofts can be your valuable storage space to store big bins. You can easily create sliding storage system that hangs from the ceiling and saves all of your wall and floor space for other things.
  3.  If you do not already have a mudroom, the garage is the perfect place to set up one too. A mudroom works as a shift between the outdoors and also the inside. A mudroom is a perfect place to keep jackets and muddy shoes from entering your home.
  4. Install cabinets or get a set of old school lockers and assign one to each family member. You can purchase cabinets already built or old school lockers online or home improvement stores.
  5. Cleaning up, arranging and organizing stuff will help enormously if you have little room to park your car. You can hang a pegboard, and it will help you keep every tool in a proper place.
  6. Add some color to your garage by staining a concrete floor. It will make your garage seem much more organized and neat.
  7. If you have loads of smaller tools and drill bits, you can add a small magnetic strip to the wall or use small containers.

Storing in Milton DE

For additional tips on organizing your garage, call our experts at Cool Spring Storage. They can help you with your all storing and organizing needs. We are conveniently located in Milton, DE and offers a wide variety of storage unit ranging from 5×5 to 10×30.

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